Meet Bree!

Where do you hail from originally?

"I was born and raised in Lancaster County, Pa! I've never moved and my family on both sides lives within fifteen minutes of each other!"

What are some of your favorite things!?

"Jesus, Nutella, sunshine, snowboarding, buying plane tickets (im obsessed), my friends + family and of course bacon cheeseburgers. You know, the ones topped with BBQ sauce and onion rings."

Tell us about yourself!

First and foremost I am a daughter of God. I also double as a 25 year old wild child with a laugh that can be heard across the county. No joke. It's ridiculous. I am also the owner and editor of Breana Leigh Photography since 2019! It's been a CRAZY ride that I never thought I would be on. BUT GOD. So here we are! And I LOVE IT. Like A LOT.

QUICK. Three fun facts about you!!!

  1. My grandpa is ex-Amish! No. I wasn't raised Amish. PRAISE DA LORD. Ya girl needs basic necessities...
  2. I'm obsessed with the smell of bonfires. I wish they had it as a perfume.
  3. I've been a nanny for the last six years! And yes, I still want children.

Meet the team!

Meet Janelle!

Where do you hail from originally?

"Hi! My name is Janelle and I was born and raised in Lancaster County PA! I am currently helping to renovate the farmhouse that I grew up in. And I am the youngest of TWLEVE. Wild right."

What are some of your favorite things!?

"COFFEE, doing life with friends, anything outdoors, meeting new people and of course traveling!

Tell us a little about yourself!

"Jesus is my everything and I would not be where I am today without Him! (for reals!). I work all time with my incredible sister who has her own cleaning business and now I get to work along side with my sister from another mother as her second shooter!! A total DREAM, right!?

What do you love most about photography?

" I love weddings. I grew up helping out and being apart of weddings (mainly my older siblings). I just love celebrating people and where God is going to take them on their next journey!"

QUICK. Three fun facts about you!!!

  1. The obsession with Charcuterie boards is real.
  2. I like to travel + eat Chinese food. But who doesn't???
  3. Old musicals are my jam. BIG bops.

Janelle is my main second photographer!

Just two best friends that want to capture your big day!